ANVR updates business conditions: payment term shortened to 1 week

“We were able to stop the shortening of the payment term for a long time, but in the end the airlines managed to push through this,” says Walter Schut, deputy director of the ANVR, in a response. “Without adjusting the business conditions, agents will have to pre-finance the payments for airline tickets. However, agents are not a bank. We therefore count on understanding from customers for this.” An alternative is processing the payment via a credit card.

The ANVR Business Terms and Conditions are used by ANVR business travel companies in the event that delivery is based on a framework agreement with the customer. In the framework agreement, the mutual agreements between the customer and the ANVR business travel agent are filled in, such as rates and other company-specific matters.

The ANVR does not deal with these agreements, but the organization has drawn up a model for the Framework Agreement. The more general provisions are included in the ANVR Business Conditions.

Business conditions and the framework agreement are inextricably linked, the ANVR states. “If there is no framework agreement, the ANVR Traveler Terms and Conditions apply to the ANVR members and bookings fall under the (statutory) consumer protection rules.” Because these are not so relevant for business travelers, it is important, according to the ANVR, to properly record the business conditions plus the framework agreement.

Schut states that clients sometimes have their own conditions prevail. “We understand that, but it is often not wise. The ANVR Business Terms and Conditions are specifically tailored to the provision of services in the field of travel. Careful and correct handling of, for example, customer data is included and guaranteed in the ANVR Business Terms and Conditions. In the interest of the business travel company and customer, the ANVR therefore urgently recommends concluding the Business Terms and Conditions together with the framework agreement.”

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