Dutch cabinet: flight tax probably to 24 euros per flight

Passengers will pay a higher rate on their plane ticket from 1 January next year. Currently, the tax raises about 200 million euros. An additional 400 million euros must be added, as was stated in the coalition agreement. What it will look like exactly will become clear later: the House will consider the Tax Plan for 2023 in the autumn. It concerns a tax for flights from the Netherlands.

“The air passenger tax means that flying from Dutch airports will become more expensive. As a result, some travelers can forego travelling, others will choose a different mode of transport, others bujen zalsch na z li z lien zalen argen” ) to the House of Representatives.

But for the short term, the effects are “relatively limited”, the minister expects: there is actually a lot of demand for flights. Kaag expects “in practice no reduced demand”.

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