VZLA ETC is an investment in physical platinum

Physical Platinum of the Tree of Wisdom (VZLA ETC) It is designed to provide stockholders with an easy and cost-effective way to access the platinum market by providing a return consistent with movements in the platinum price minus applicable management fees.

WisdomTree physical platinum is supported by physically customized platinum Owned by HSBC Bank plc (Custodian). Only metal that complies with the London Platinum and Palladium Association (LPPM) rules for good delivery can be accepted by the trustee. Each physical bar is individually separated, identified, and assigned.

Platinum spot price

all singular material wisdom tree platinum etc He has an effective entitlement to platinum, and this entitlement is changed daily to reflect the entitlement to the management fee.

Accredited participants create and redeem a WisdomTree Physical Platinum ETC by offering or receiving platinum that complies with LPPM Good Delivery standards.

WisdomTree Physical Platinum ETC is traded on the exchange at a price based on Platinaprist Multiplied by the right of the applied metal.

Trading VZLA ETC

Physical Platinum of the Tree of Wisdom (VZLA ETC) Traded on the London Stock Exchange and Germany’s Xetra, among others.

This means that it is possible to trade units in this ETF through most Swedish banks and online brokers, for example DejeroAnd the nordnet And the Move.


exchange Currency short name Beam
LSE American dollar PHPT JE00B1VS2W53
Italian Stock Exchange euro PHPT JE00B1VS2W53
TSX JPY 1674 JE00B1VS2W53
Euronext euro PHPT JE00B1VS2W53
extra euro VZLA DE000A0N62D7

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