Air France-KLM needs more time to roll out NDC in business market

Tour operators and online ticket sellers have been working for some time via the NDC standard, which enables Air France-KLM to offer customers a more personalized range of products and services. One fifth of all bookings through external channels are now made through an NDC platform.

Step two in the rollout of NDC is the business market, but it takes extra time. According to Air France-KLM, a promising pilot has been conducted with some large business travel companies, but some technical adjustments are needed to connect the entire market to NDC. In a statement, the airline says it hopes that everything will be ready by the third quarter of 2022.

“We want to be able to offer a personalized product that can be easily booked by the travel seller. As a result, a traveler can, for example, choose a standard ticket, but at the same time book an Economy Comfort seat or contribute to the purchase of sustainable fuel for his flight,” says KLM Netherlands CEO Lugspretman Baspret Magazines.

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