‘Number of air passengers in Europe towards normal level at the end of this year’

In a vision for the future published on Thursday, Eurocontrol expects passenger volumes to continue to increase each month. In August, when the high season is in full swing, the number of travelers should reach 89 percent of the ‘normal’ level of 2019, and by the turn of the year even 92 percent.

“We are seeing a solid increase, even taking into account the effects of the war in Ukraine on oil prices,” said Director General Eamonn Brennan. “Airlines are increasing their capacity and consumers are showing a willingness to travel, sometimes for the first time since the outbreak of the pandemic. Holiday flights in particular are expected to be packed.”

However, Eurocontrol also takes other scenarios into account. For example, the price of oil could rise to such an extent as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine that tickets will become considerably more expensive. There is also a chance that new variants of the coronavirus will emerge.

Should the number of air journeys increase in line with the forecasts, travelers will have to take into account long waiting times at airports due to a shortage of personnel, such as security guards and luggage porters.

At the same time, there is also a growing demand for pilots and cabin crew members, many of whom have been forced to sit at home due to budget cuts during the crisis. “It is good to see that the demand for flying is picking up again in 2022 towards the pre-corona year. It shows that people want to fly. At Transavia, among others, we see that the demand for new pilots is picking up again. That is only good news for the pilots who are still at home as a result of corona,” said pilots’ association VNV in a response.

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