GLDA ETC provides exposure to physical gold

Amundi Physical Gold ETC (C) (GLDA ETC) is a series of interest bearing securities regulated by Irish law and issued by Amundi Physical Metals plc, a dedicated Irish company (the “issuer”).

The prospectus for the ETC has been approved by the Central Bank of Ireland (the “Central Bank”) as the competent authority under the Prospectus Directive.

Description for Amundi Physical Gold ETC (C)

Amundi Physical Gold ETC (C) invests in the physical space He went.

The total cost ratio is 0.12% per annum, which replicates the development of the underlying index with a debt security with a security backed by physical holdings of the precious metal. Amundi Physical Gold ETC (C) is a very large ETC with £2814 million in assets under management. GLDA ETC is one year older and based in Ireland.

Trading GLDA ETC

Physical Gold Amundi ETC (C) It is a European exchange-traded fund. This fund is traded on many different exchanges, such as Borsa Italiana, Deutsche Boerse Xetra, Euronext Amsterdam and the London Stock Exchange. For this reason, different acronyms appear on the same ETF.

This means that it is possible to trade units in this ETF through most Swedish banks and online brokers, for example DejeroAnd nordnet And keep it up.


exchange Currency short name
London Stock Exchange GBX GLDA
Euronext Paris euro He went
London Stock Exchange American dollar GLDD

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