Hotels continue to receive refugees despite an increase in bookings

The director emphasizes that his hotels will be completely full this Easter weekend. At the same time, he has arranged about 800 beds for refugees. Of the approximately 110 Fletcher hotels, eight to nine are currently fully equipped for the reception of Ukrainians.

Hermans assumes that the situation will not change in the coming months and that the beds will not be available for normal guests in the summer either. This means that Fletcher only receives a cost price compensation for the rooms offered to refugees and therefore cannot generate normal turnover.

Leaving Ukrainians on the street is not an option, Van der Valk agrees. At that chain, with about 75 Dutch branches, it differs greatly per hotel how many refugees have temporary accommodation. The hotels have all made their own agreements about this with municipalities. A spokesperson cannot therefore give any figures.

What also makes it difficult to provide figures is that in some cases the refugees only stay in the hotels for a few days. Van der Valk believes that a hotel room is not an ideal place to stay for the refugees, which is why the aim is usually to only offer them shelter for a short time and to quickly find a better place to stay.

Earlier, EuroParcs and Landal GreenParks announced that they would also keep places available for Ukrainian refugees during Easter and the May holidays. The holiday parks have already received refugees at the request of municipalities in the past period and will continue to do so in the coming period. Rival Roompot, however, indicated on Friday that it would be fully booked in the coming weeks and the company will therefore not be able to accommodate Ukrainians for a while.

The Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) is therefore also trying to persuade municipalities to secure certain reception locations for a longer period of time. For example, it was announced on Monday that the A&O hostel on the Hogehilweg in Amsterdam can remain a shelter for longer. At the request of the COA, the municipality of Amsterdam has decided to extend the reception at that location by eleven months until 1 March 2023.

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