XDNA ETF for companies working with DNA modification

Kelly CRISPR Foundation and Gene Editing Technology (XDNA ETF) A market-weighted index tracks companies in developed markets focusing on developments in DNA modification technology. Kelly CRISPR Foundation and Gene Editing Technology (XDNA ETF), which is traded on the Nasdaq, is a dividend ETF. This exchange-traded fund comes with an annual management cost of 0.78 percent.

XDNA Factset Analytics Insight

XDNA provides exposure to vanilla for a highly specialized segment of the healthcare sector. The fund is passively managed and follows an index of companies listed in developed markets that participate in research and development of DNA modification technology and its applications. Eligible companies must meet the investment requirements and must obtain substantial income or profits from related business activities

(i) CRISPR technology and type editing;

(2) development solutions for genre editing and

(3) Solutions for gene editing sequencing.

The index may include common stocks, REITs, depository receipts, and preferred stocks of large, medium and small companies. The resulting portfolio contains a maximum of 60 components, weighted by market value. The index restructures and rebalances its portfolio on a quarterly basis.

investment objectives

Exposure to innovation: It aims for a multi-headed thematic exposure of innovative companies with a focus on CRISPR technology and genre editing.

High growth potential: It aims to achieve long-term growth with low correlation to traditional growth and healthcare strategies. It gives investors access to growth potential through companies that we believe are in a position to benefit from disruption to the genomics and life sciences industry.

Diversification tools: It offers a tool for diversification due to the small overlap with traditional indicators. XDNA can be a complement to conventional healthcare and growth strategies.

Target exposure: XDNA is a focused portfolio that provides access to emerging areas of the healthcare sector at the intersection of science and technology.

Cost-effective: In a single transaction, XDNA provides access to dozens of companies with exposure to emerging CRISPR and the subject of genre editing, which seeks to provide a low-cost alternative to mutual funds, private equity funds and venture capital management in an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF).

Fund overview

CRISPR and ETF Gene Editing Technology It strives to provide a total return by investing in a focused, passively managed portfolio of companies engaged in CRISPR and type-editing technology activities.

XDNA measures the performance of companies specializing in CRISPR and DNA modification systems and technologies, for a variety of applications including basic biological research, biotechnology product development and disease treatment, and next-generation sequencing that can be used at various stages of an end-to-end editing workflow.

Focuses on US companies and developed markets operating in three sub-sectors of CRISPR and genre liberalization, including:

CRISPR Type and Subsector Editing Technique: Includes companies specializing in DNA modification systems and technologies for a variety of applications including basic biological research, biotechnology product development and disease treatment. CRISPR and gene-editing technology allow genetic elements to be modified, silenced, and replaced with ore. The most common use of DNA editing technology is to target cells in the body to treat genetic diseases.

Gene-editing sub-sector development solutions: Includes companies with deep experience in scientific, technical and clinical development, possibly in conjunction with an intangible property portfolio, that have the right to develop gene-editing or CRISPR-based therapeutic products or targets and/or jointly develop potential products using CRISPR and CRISPR-editing technology. Gene companies to create a new class of therapeutic products.

Undersektor Gene Editing Sequencing Solutions: Includes companies that specialize in next generation sequencing that can be used at various stages of a comprehensive editing workflow. The companies provide sequencing methods to determine the effect of edited sequences on the regulating function of genes and analysis tools for CRISPR, gene splicing, and editing.

Companies are initially identified by industry and sector, and then further scrutinized on the basis of processes related to gene-editing technology and CRISPR activities.


Kelly CRISPR Foundation and Gene Editing Technology (XDNA ETF) Only available for purchase in the United States. For this reason, Swedish online brokers are not available. CMC . Markets However, trade progress in XDNA ETF.

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biggest possession

Weight% Noun short name
9.90% CRISPR Therapeutics AG CRSP
6.03% Vervey Therapeutics Company verve
5.69% Illuminina Inc ILMN
4.78% Novartis AG novun su

Collectibles may change

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