FEP ETF 200 selected companies from Europe

First Trust Europe AlphaDEX (FEP ETF) follows an index with equal weighted levels of 200 selected S&P Europe BMI companies based on S&P’s AlphaDex selection methodology. The First Trust Europe AlphaDEX (FEP ETF), which is traded on the Nasdaq, is a dividend fund. This ETF comes with an annual management cost of 0.80 percent

FEP Factset Analytics Insight

FEP strives to outpace the broad European market by using a quantitative method of stock selection using growth and value factors. It then ranks these arrows based on the strength of the resulting pattern points and weights them evenly within the fifth, with the top fifth gaining more weight in the index. The weighting limits are also set at 15% above the sector/country share in the core index. It restructures and rebalances its portfolio every six months to maintain exposure to its expected best performance. Sectoral biases abound, although they may also change in light of fund rebalancing.

Investment objectives/strategy

First Trust Europe AlphaDEX® Fund is an exchange-traded fund. The investment objective of the fund is to search for investment results that generally align with the price and yield, before fund fees and expenses, of a stock index called the NASDAQ AlphaDEX® Europe Index.

There is no guarantee that the Fund’s investment objectives will be achieved.

NASDAQ AlphaDEX® Europe 1 Index “Improver” Index created and managed by Nasdaq, Inc. (“Nasdaq”), which uses the AlphaDEX® stock selection method to select stocks from the NASDAQ Europe Index that meet certain criteria.

To create the index, Nasdaq rates eligible stocks on growth factors including 3- to 6-month and 12-month price increases, sales-to-price and 1-year sales growth, and separately on value factors including book-to-price, and cash-to-price flows and return on assets. All stocks are rated on the basis of the sum of the range of growth factors, and separately, all stocks are rated according to the sum of the range of value factors. The inventory should contain data for all growth and/or value factors to rank for this pattern.

Each post receives the best style order from the previous step as its pick point.

Include the top 200 posts based on the selection points identified in the previous step Selected Shares. The selected stocks are divided into quintiles based on their rank and the highest ranked quintile is given more weight within the index. The shares are weighted evenly within each quintile.

Each lot is then tested in the order of its sampling points to check if the weight assigned to that lot is outside the country/sector weighting limits, which are set 15% above the reference weight.

If the weight assigned to a share, when added to the weight allotted to all top-ranked shares in the country/sector, is greater than the limit, the weight of the share is reduced to the highest rank of the next quintile. Stocks that previously declined in rank and then rise one rank. Such shares in the lower quintile that violate restrictions are removed from the portfolio and replaced with the share with the highest score that was not originally selected, depending on the country/sector restrictions. This process continues until the weights of all countries/sectors meet the limit.

The indicator is reconstituted and rebalanced every six months.

Fund Summary

The fund typically invests at least 90% of its net assets (including investment loans) in common stock, deposit receipts, real estate investments (“REITs”) and index preferred shares. The index is designed to select stocks from the NASDAQ Europe Index (the “Basic Index”) that can generate positive alpha or risk-adjusted returns compared to conventional indices using the AlphaDEX® selection methodology.

Trading FEP ETF

First Trust Europe AlphaDEX (FEP ETF) Only available for purchase in the United States. For this reason, Swedish online brokers are not available. CMC . Markets However, trade progress in FEP ETF.

also AvaTrade Trade offers with First Trust Europe AlphaDEX (FEP ETF) In the form of contracts for difference. to AvaTrade.

also IG However, trade progress in First Trust Europe AlphaDEX (FEP ETF). to IGs ETF Checker.

biggest possession

Guarantees short name section Weight%
Polyide Ab Paul Materials 1.09%
AP Moeller – Maersk A/S (Class B) MAERSKB.DC industry 1.07%
Telecom Italia SpA TIT.IM Telecommunications Services 1.01%
D’Ieteren Group DIE.BB rare items to buy 0.98%
Equinor ASA EQNR.NO energy 0.94%
Rio Tinto plc Rio Materials 0.93%
Segro Plc SGRO.LN Real estate 0.93%
Tritax Big Box REIT Plc BBOX.LN Real estate 0.93%
Bank of Ireland Group Plc BIRG.ID Finance 0.92%
Royal Mail plc RMG.LN industry 0.91%

Collectibles may change

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