Research BCD Travel: many business travelers on the road stressed

“As workers resume their travel, companies need to be aware of the key stressors resulting from pandemic travel disruption, travel restrictions and geopolitical events de Janmercie. The business travel company says the number of airline ticket transactions is at more than 50 percent from 2019 and continues to rise.

BCD Travel’s research shows that pre-trip stress is mainly caused by “complicated procedures and sudden changes rather than the booking process.” The three main stressors are: 1. understanding the corona rules and preparing required documents; 2. rebooking in case of changes or cancellations and 3. combining travel and private life.

BCD also asked about the main travel concerns and these are: 1. flight delays and cancellations; 2. tight transfer times and 3. flying in economy class on long-haul flights.

Catch up on work
Finally, there is stress that business travelers experience after returning and the greatest in this case are: 1. catching up on office work; 2. submit expense reports and 3. make up for household chores and family obligations.

BCD Travel also advises companies on how to relieve employee stress, including through:

  • choose direct flights;
  • offer seat selection on the plane;
  • select hotels in convenient locations;
  • to provide expedited security checks;
  • long distance business class travel.

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