OD7J ETC allows investors to invest in pork prices

Lean Pigs Tree of Wisdom (OD7J etc.) It is designed to enable investors to obtain a total return on lean hogs by tracking the Bloomberg Lean Hogs Subindex (the “Index”) and providing a secure return.

Wisdom lean pig tree It is a commodity that is traded on an exchange (“ETC”). Its securities can be created and redeemed at the request of authorized participants and traded on the stock exchange just like shares in a company. ETC is supported by swaps. The payment obligations of the swap parties to the issuer are protected by collateral that is maintained on a daily basis. The security is kept in segregated accounts at Bank of New York Mellon.

Total Lean Pigs Index Return from Bloomberg

The indicator is designed to reflect the movement in the price Lean pig-terminsavtalen (rolled continuously on a predetermined rolling schedule) Used in the Bloomberg Commodity Index SM. A forward contract is an agreement to purchase a product at an agreed-upon price, with delivery and payment at a certain time in the future. Futures contracts are generally sold just before the contract period expires and new contracts are entered into to avoid delivery of the product in question (a process called “rolling over”), so that ongoing exposure to the product is maintained. Contracts bought can be more expensive than contracts sold, which can lead to an additional loss for the investor in commodity futures.

This market trend is known as “contango”. Alternatively, contracts purchased may be cheaper than those sold, resulting in additional profit, called “delay”. This difference in price is usually called “roll back”. Since barrel exchange is included in the index value calculation, this can have a positive or negative impact on the index value, depending on whether there is a delay or rollback. ETC will also be affected because its value depends on the value of the index.

Trading OD7J ETC

WisdomTree Lean Hogs (OD7J ETC) is an exchange-traded commodity (ETC)


exchange Currency short name inside
LSE American dollar pigs GB00B15KXZ70
Italian Stock Exchange euro pigs GB00B15KXZ70
extra euro OD7J DE000A0KRJ10

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