Thalys a one-time sleeper train | Business travel news

According to a spokeswoman for Thalys, some of the travelers were able to return home and hotels were found for others. However, this was not possible for fifty people due to the large crowds in the hotels in Paris. “That is why an empty train was opened, where these people could sleep under supervision,” said the spokeswoman.

Due to a blockage earlier in the day, the delays of the fast train increased on Friday. Because work was being carried out on the Belgian part of the high-speed network on Friday evening, the late Thalys was no longer able to leave for Brussels.

That is why Thalys was exceptionally declared a sleeper train. “It is, of course, an exceptional decision to put people to sleep on a train,” said the spokeswoman. “It goes without saying that the affected travelers will receive appropriate compensation.”

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