WADA ETP Certificate Tracking Cardano

WisdomTree Cardano (WADA ETP) ETP is an Exchange Traded Product (ETP) designed to provide shareholders with a simple, secure, and cost-effective way to learn about at cardano price. This ETP provides simple investor access, marketability, transparency and enterprise warehousing solutions within a robust structure with backing.

WisdomTree Cardano ETP (Exchange Traded Product) provides investors with a simple, secure and cost-effective way to get acquainted with the price Cardano (ADA)The currency used on the Cardano blockchain.

Investing in Cardano through an exchange-traded product allows investors to make the most of traditional financial infrastructure and product structuring. ETP allows investors to access Cardano without having to hold cryptocurrencies directly, store private access keys, or interact with the blockchain and crypto infrastructure in any way.

Cardano: Decentralized Software Platform

Cardano It was launched in 2015 by technologists Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood, both early shareholders of Ethereum. One of a number of competing Layer 1 smart contract blockchain networks, Cardano allows ADA crypto holders to run its network and vote on changes to its software rules. In the same way, developers can use the Cardano blockchain for functionality including running custom programming logic (smart contracts), which enables decentralized application development.

Cardano differs from other projects by emphasizing its expert-reviewed, research-oriented vision of design, aimed at the academic rigor that it believes will drive eventual adoption of its technology.

Why invest in Cardano?

The future of the Internet: Some investors believe that there is likely to be a next phase of the Internet revolution (sometimes called Web3) and that blockchain networks like Cardano will be part of that evolution. If Cardano remains one of the main competitors in this nascent revolution, the value of his coin must ultimately be linked to the success of this platform and the ecosystem built on it.

This certification comes with an annual administration cost of 0.95 percent.


WisdomTree Cardano (WADA ETP) It is a cryptocurrency traded on the European Stock Exchange. This ETP is traded on many different exchanges, such as Euronext Paris and Deutsche Boerse Xetra. For this reason, different acronyms appear on the same exchange-traded product.

This means that it is possible to trade shares in this ETP through most Swedish banks and online brokers, for example DejeroAnd nordnet And keep it up.


exchange Currency short name inside Sidol
Euronext (in French) euro ADAW GB00BNGJ9J32 BPW7J51
Euronext (Netherlands) American dollar ADAW GB00BNGJ9J32 BPW7GG1
six Swiss Franc ADAW GB00BNGJ9J32 BPW7GF0
extra euro Wada GB00BNGJ9J32 BPW7J62
six American dollar ADAW GB00BNGJ9J32 BNGJ9J3

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