FNV: chance of a new strike by KLM staff at Schiphol is very small

KLM ground staff laid down their work on Saturday morning on their own initiative. Dozens of flights had to be canceled because cargo and baggage were not loaded on board aircraft. The work stoppage resulted in extremely long queues. Because of the crowds, travelers were at one point called upon not to come to the airport. The entrances and exits of the A4 highway to Schiphol were also closed for a while.

For the coming weekend, Schiphol again warns against crowds, even now that the strike is not expected to take place. This is mainly due to staff shortages. The airport operator has asked airlines to take measures to reduce the pressure. Flights may be canceled or diverted.

FNV is not surprised about the problems at the airport. “We warned of chaos at an early stage,” said Van de Geer. He mentions corporate blindness. “Actually, the largest strike at Schiphol has been going on for some time. People refuse to work there under the current employment conditions.”

The personnel crisis at Schiphol is an outgrowth of the corona pandemic. Because there was almost no flying for two years, many personnel were superfluous. They found solace in, for example, distribution centers of supermarkets or in logistics. According to FNV, people are not keen on a return. “Why should I come back if I earn more at Albert Heijn”, Van de Geer outlines the situation of the former employees. Ok, given the current shortage on the labor market, he thinks there is something to choose from.

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