Number of passengers at NS reaches 80 percent of the old level

“80 percent over the entire week is an encouraging percentage and at Easter and King’s Day the number of travelers was even almost the same as in 2019. That is a fantastic achievement by all our colleagues, but not yet weldo weldo werende for NS. at home a few days a week, which we also notice in our trains,” says president-director Marjan Rintel, who will soon be leaving for KLM.

Recently, NS has sometimes seen peaks exceeding one million passengers per day. On King’s Day, about 1.2 million travelers took the train, just like in 2019.

During the corona crisis, the number of train season tickets fell by more than 180,000. But that loss has now been fully recovered, says the railway company. Last week, the number of subscription holders even rose to a record high. According to the NS, this is partly because there are now more flexible subscriptions (NS Flex) that no longer have a fixed term, but can be changed or paused on a monthly basis. This makes public transport more flexible and travelers don’t have to pay for something they don’t use.

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