Schiphol thanks airlines for reducing the number of passengers

Schiphol does not name names, but KLM announced on Friday afternoon that it has already canceled 47 flights for next weekend, on top of the dozens of flights that were canceled on Friday. And Corendon transferred two flights to Turkey to Rotterdam on Saturday and Sunday. EasyJet, on the other hand, said it did not want to cancel or move flights.

“Airlines have complied with Schiphol’s request to allow fewer passengers to travel this weekend because of the crowds at Schiphol. The crowds are caused by the May holidays and staff shortages in the aviation sector. Schiphol made the exceptional request partly in the context of the safety of travelers and employees,” said Schiphol.

The airport company “thanks to the airlines and travelers who make this possible. Schiphol understands that this is a very unpleasant situation for them.”

Despite the reduction in passenger numbers, travelers still have to expect long lines. KLM advises everyone to be present 3 hours before departure.

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