Star Alliance biometric facial recognition now officially in Hamburg

The Star Alliance Biometrics platform, on which the technology is based, was launched in November 2020 at the hubs of Frankfurt, Munich and Vienna; Hamburg Airport is the fourth participating airport.

If you want to use the system, you must be a member of Lufthansa’s (free) loyalty program Miles & More. At least 24 hours prior to the flight, she or he must register for Star Alliance Biometrics and, among other things, provide an image of their own face.

Furthermore, a valid passport and the latest version of the Lufthansa App or Miles & More App are required. Once registered, passengers can use biometric access at all participating airports.

Mouth cap doesn’t have to be taken off
At Hamburg Airport, registered passengers can pass through the central security control without contact, boarding with facial recognition is only possible at gates A17 and C16. Gate entrances and fast lanes to central security control are “clearly marked,” the airport, Star Alliance and Lufthansa said in a statement.

The traveler’s face is automatically scanned by the camera installed there and compared with the previously saved photo. The mask – currently still mandatory at Hamburg Airport – does not have to be removed, the camera can read the face through the fabric. If there is a positive match, the entrances will open automatically.

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