MOON ETP is the largest token included in the original protocols

Sygnum ETP Winners Index (MOON ETP) It strives to track the investment performance of an index consisting of the largest tokens embedded in the original protocols.


Sygnum Platform ETP Winners Index (Index: MOON) It reflects the trend towards blockchain protocols that will form the basis of future economic activity, while eliminating the risk of each individual protocol failing or replacing it with better technology.

systematic selection

This is the first index that tracks only the tokens of the local blockchain protocol with a completely rules-based approach.

First release and management platform

MOON is managed via the 21Shares Onyx platform that uses the latest technology to manage investments in digital assets.

Smart exposure to the market

Sygnum selection and regular weighing and rebalancing of protocol symbols in the index depends on a comprehensive set of factors. These factors include invested capital, interest in financial markets, ecosystem growth, and committed developer resources.


Core assets are always secured and stored in a secure manner with the help of an enterprise quality security and warehousing solution.

Trade Moon ETP

Sygnum ETP Winners Index (MOON ETP) It is a European cryptocurrency that is traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

SIX Swiss Exchange is a marketplace that provides access to a few Swedish banks and online brokers Dejero Do it.


exchange short name Currency
SIX Swiss Exchange moon American dollar

basic assets

Collectibles may change

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