Schiphol: crowds after day with long queues ‘manageable’

Schiphol aimed to reduce the number of passengers by 5,800 on Sunday, but this has not been possible. The airport was in talks with airlines about ways to reduce the flow of passengers in order to relieve the workload for staff at Schiphol. “The call for airlines to take fewer passengers does not apply at the moment, but we do not rule it out for possibly elsewhere in the year if it really isn’t, nooders de rougs and airport.

Some 70,000 departing passengers were expected to pass through security gates on Sunday, 10,000 more than on Saturday. It will also remain busy in the coming days during the May holidays. “We advise travelers to be at Schiphol at the time indicated by the airline. Travelers may experience delays. Until May 8, an average of 174,000 travelers will pass through Schiphol, to or.”

When asked what measures Schiphol is taking to prevent long queues during future holiday periods, the Schiphol spokeswoman answers: “We have recently been doing our best to take part in the May holidays and are working hard on a plan for the summer. “

Travel industry organization ANVR wants to meet with Schiphol as soon as possible to discuss the problems at the airport and how the summer holiday can run smoothly. This meeting is planned after the May holiday. “We are happy to enter into discussions with ANVR and other parties from the aviation sector,” said the Schiphol spokeswoman.

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