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The Bogle Effect – Hardcover, English, 2022

Author: Eric Balchonas

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The Index Box wouldn’t be the same without Jack Bogle. It was just a paid innovation vanguard groups Founder Jack Bogle’s radical idea in 1975 to make investors the actual owners of his new financial company. Although the move was as much to save his job as it was to save investors, the end result was powerful: a company money for the people and by the people.

Bogle embarked on a 50-year, incremental cost-cutting process that eventually sparked a populist revolution that saved ordinary investors trillions of dollars while reforming and adapting much of the entire financial industry.

Today, nearly every dollar invested in the United States goes to either Vanguard funds or Vanguard-influenced funds. But Bogle’s influence and “big cost carryover” extends beyond index funds to many other areas, such as active management, ETFs, the advisory world, quantitative investing, ESG, behavioral finance and even trading platforms. The Bogle Effect takes readers through each of these worlds to show how they are being transformed – and the investors they serve – and reformed.

While hundreds of fund providers have copied the index fund that Vanguard made popular, no one has copied it. “subscriber” ownership structure. why? This book explores this question as well as what made Bogle such an anomaly — seemingly immune to the overwhelming magnetism that dictates Wall Street, made famous through films like Wall Street. The Big Short The Wolf of Wall Street. On the other hand, Bogle was by no means perfect – he might be moral, cynical, and inclined to do virtue out of necessity.

Bogle effect Moved through the author’s hours of exclusive one-on-one interviews with Bogle in the years before his death, revealing his philosophy, vision, intellect and sense of humor. Dozens of other interviews with people who worked with him, lived with him, were influenced by him and did not agree with him, and the image of this revolutionary figure ended.

You will never look at the financial industry or your portfolio the same way again.

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