VNRT ETF is a dividend fund investing in North America

Vanguard FTSE Distribution in North America UCITS ETF (VNRT ETF) It uses a passive management – or indexing – investment style, through the physical acquisition of securities, and seeks to track the development of the FTSE North American Index (the “Index”).

The index consists of shares of large companies in the world North Amarica.

The fund tries:

1. Track the development of the index by investing in a representative selection of the securities included in the index.

2. To remain fully invested, except for exceptional market conditions, political conditions, or the like.

Description of the Vanguard FTSE North American UCITS ETF Distribution

The Vanguard FTSE North America UCITS ETF is distributing equity investments with a focus on North America. The fund’s profits are distributed to investors (quarterly). FTSE North America allows broad investment at nearly low fees. 674 shares.

The total cost ratio is 0.10% per annum. The fund replicates the result of the underlying index by buying all the components of the index (full iteration). Vanguard FTSE North American UCITS ETF Distribution It is a very large ETF with assets of €1,706 million under its management. The VNRT ETF is over 5 years old and is headquartered in Ireland.

About the FTSE North American Index Benchmark

The index is an indicator of the market capitalization of large and medium-sized companies in the United States and Canada.

investment strategy

The FTSE North America Index tracks stocks in United States of America And you have.

Trading the VNRT ETF

Vanguard FTSE Distribution in North America UCITS ETF (VNRT ETF) It is a European exchange-traded fund. This fund is traded on many different exchanges, such as Borsa Italiana, Deutsche Boerse Xetra, Euronext Amsterdam and the London Stock Exchange. For this reason, different acronyms appear on the same ETF.

This means that it is possible to trade units in this ETF through most Swedish banks and online brokers, for example DejeroAnd nordnet And keep it up.


exchange Currency short name
Euronext Paris euro VNRT
Stuttgart Stock Exchange euro VNRT
Euronext Amsterdam euro VNRT
London Stock Exchange American dollar VDNR
London Stock Exchange GBP VNRT
SIX Swiss Exchange Swiss Franc VNRT

biggest possession

Guarantees Weight%
Apple company 6.40%
Microsoft Corporation. 5.52% Inc. 3.36%
Tesla Corporation 2.13%
Alphabet Inc. Class A 1.96%
Alphabet Inc Class C 1.86%
NVIDIA Corp. 1.55%
Berkshire Hathaway B class 1.54%
Facebook Class A company 1.22%
UnitedHealth Group Inc. 1.14%

Collectibles may change

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