QSWN ETF Black Swans in the Technology Sector

Amplify BlackSwan Tech & Treasury ETF (QSWN ETF) The index tracks long-term LEAP options in the Invesco QQQ Trust (QQQ) and US Treasurys with an average maturity of 10 years. Amplify ETF Trust – Amplify BlackSwan Tech & Treasury ETF (QSWN ETF)Ltd., which is traded on NYSEArca, at an annual management cost of 0.49 percent.

QSWN Factset Analytics Insight

QSWN is expanding its Amplify group of ETFs in an effort to hedge against unexpected market events called Black Swans. The fund holds 90% of its exposure in US government securities in phases with a maturity within six months of listing for a 10-year period. The treasury portion of the portfolio serves to provide capital protection. The remaining 10% of the portfolio is used to purchase long-term and in-the-money call options Invesco QQQ Trust (Stock ticker: QQQ).

QQQ provides exposure to the top 100 non-financial stocks listed on Nasdaq, usually skewed technical funds. Call options provide stock exposures and expire in June or December. When they expire, the options will be rolled out for the following year. Therefore, the index will be reshaped and rebalanced in June and December. Put options generally will have a share of $70 at the time of purchase, which means that for every $1.00 movement in the QQQ stock price, each option must have a profit or loss of $0.70.

Why invest in QSWN?

Participation in Nasdaq 100 It provides returns while trying to protect yourself from big losses.

A potential underlying solution aims to mitigate the effects of volatility.

Low cost index based portfolio.

Objectives and strategy

QSWN searches for investment results that align with the S-Network BlackSwan Tech & Treasury Index (index). The index’s investment strategy strives for exposure to the NASDAQ 100 (no artificial cap), while protecting against significant losses. About 90% of QSWN is invested in US government securities, and about 10% is invested in QQQ LEAP options in the form of in-the-money calls.


Amplify BlackSwan Tech & Treasury ETF (QSWN ETF) Only available for purchase in the United States. For this reason, Swedish online brokers are not available. CMC . Markets However, trade progress in QSWN ETF.

also AvaTrade Trade offers with Amplify BlackSwan Tech & Treasury ETF (QSWN ETF) In the form of contracts for difference. to AvaTrade.

also IG However, trade progress in Amplify BlackSwan Tech & Treasury ETF (QSWN ETF). Until IGs ETF Checker.

biggest possession

hold Weight%
US Trias BDS 2% 08/15/2051 18.66%
US TREAS NTS 0.625% 10/15/2024 16.96%
US TREAS NTS 1.125% 10/31/2026 16.85%
US TREAS NTS 1.375% 10/31/2028 16.73%
USA TREAS NTS 1.25% 08/15/2031 16.55%
USA TREAS NTS 1.25% 08/15/2031
INVESCO CLL OPT 6/22 300 7.13%
INVESCO CLL OPT 12/22 350 3.62%
US TREAS NTS 0.375% 10/31/2023 2.86%

Collectibles may change

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