KLM cancels flights to and from Schiphol due to expected crowds

It had already become clear earlier that six departing flights to Rotterdam The Hague Airport will be moved. In addition, the airport is taking extra measures, such as the installation of an extra roof outside the terminal under which travelers can wait.

It is expected that 57,000 travelers will board the plane at Schiphol on Saturday. On Sunday, 63,000 passengers will depart from the airport. Schiphol is deploying additional employees to ensure that passenger flows run smoothly, including office staff. Despite the measures, it is expected to be very busy at the airport next weekend.

Last weekend, Schiphol also asked airlines to cancel flights due to the crowds. The first weekend of the May holiday, the airport had to contend with the consequences of a wild strike by some of the baggage handlers, which led to chaos. At a certain point, the exits of the A4 motorway were also closed.

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