New Certificates From CoinShares Provides Exposure To Chainlink And Uniswap

Since Wednesday, two more new CoinShares certificates have been traded on Xetra and via the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. New ETN Crypto Provides Exposure to chain link And Uniswap.

With these two exchange-traded securities (ETNs) from CoinShares Investors have easy access to follow the evolution of Chainlink and Uniswap cryptocurrencies without having to set up cryptocurrencies and switch to unregulated trading venues. The products are physically backed by the respective cryptocurrency and centrally liquidated in circulation by the central counterparty of the Deutsche Börse Group, Eurex Clearing AG.

Noun short name Asset type inside Administrative fees Cryptocurrency
CoinShares Physical Chainlink CCHA Etn GB00BMWB4910 1.50 percent chain link
CoinShares Physical Uniswap CIWP Etn GB00BNRRG624 1.50 percent Uniswap

Xetra’s crypto ETN offering now includes 77 products from ten suppliers out of a total of 20 individual cryptocurrencies and five crypto indices. 20 products can be traded in EUR and USD with the same ISIN number. The currency of trading can be selected in each individual case by an individually assigned exchange code.

With an average monthly order book turnover of nearly €1 billion, Deutsche Börse and Xetra are also market leaders in ETN crypto trading in Europe.

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These certificates from CoinShares are listed on German Xetra. This means that it is possible to trade shares in these certificates through most Swedish banks and online brokers, for example DejeroAnd nordnet And keep it up.

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