OCEN ETF invests in cleaner seas

IQ Clean Oceans ETF (OCEN ETF) It follows a market capitalization weighted index of globally listed companies that are believed to contribute to a cleaner sea by reducing pollution and increasing resource efficiency. IQ Clean Oceans ETF (OCEN ETF) Traded on NYSEArca, it is a dividend ETF. This exchange-traded fund comes with an annual management cost of 0.45 percent.

OCEN Factset Analytics Insight

OCEN has been passively managed for one decade ESGA group of companies working in the field of sustainability related to the sea. The portfolio aims to create a broader network than just water sustainability. The index is chosen from a range of companies operating in the circular economy, clean energy, water and waste treatment, electronic components, energy-efficient economy, shellfish and alternatives, shipping and ports as well as sustainable packaging.

Developed and emerging market specific screens are initially used to screen companies that do not meet the ESG criteria based on global sustainability trends and stakeholder management. Companies that do not comply with the UN Global Compact or that engage in controversial activities are also excluded. Each eligible company receives an objective rating based on revenue generated from thematic exposure and impact on the environment.

The top 50 to 80 companies are selected and the resulting portfolio is market-weighted, with individual securities weights at 3%. The index is rebalanced every three months.

OCEN IQ Clean Oceans ETF It follows the IQ Clean Oceans Index, which aims to track companies that help protect and/or achieve cleaner seas by reducing pollution and increasing resource efficiency.

the cleanest sea

Gain exposure to the topic of Clean Seas, through companies that help protect and/or achieve a cleaner sea by reducing pollution and increasing resource efficiency.

take a stand

The investment in OCEN will help advance NYLIM’s ongoing contributions to support Oceana’s initiatives.

Strategic investment in environmental, social and corporate governance

OCEN can act as a substantive affiliate position in the ESG portfolio, or complement an existing underlying equity portfolio by providing an ESG tilt.

Trading the OCEN ETF

IQ Clean Oceans ETF (OCEN ETF) Only available for purchase in the United States. For this reason, it is not available in Swedish online brokers. CMC . Markets However, trade progress in ETF Rating.

also AvaTrade Trade offers with IQ Clean Oceans ETF (OCEN ETF) In the form of contracts for difference. to AvaTrade.

also IG However, trade progress in IQ Clean Oceans ETF (OCEN ETF). Until IGs ETF Checker.

biggest possession

short name inside Guarantees Currency % Weight
PG US7427181091 Brooker & Gamble Co / American dollar 3.46
IBE ES0144580Y14 IBERDROLA SA euro 3.19
INTC US4581401001 Intel Corp American dollar 3.18
TXN US8825081040 Texas Instruments American dollar 3.13
Your presence DE0007236101 SIEMENS AG-REG euro 3.03
Little US5486611073 LOWE’S COS INC American dollar 3.03
MSFT US5949181045 MICROSOFT CORP American dollar 2.98
or FR0000120321 L’Oreal euro 2.96
HD US4370761029 Home DEPOT INC American dollar 2.91
IFX DE0006231004 Infineon Technologies AG euro 2.90

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