AW15 ETF buys shares in Japanese companies following the Paris Agreement

UBS ETF MSCI Japan Climate Paris Aligned UCITS ETF (AW15 ETF) It aims to try to track stock market developments for the globally developed companies based on the index, with a focus on the sustainable investment considerations they identify. Paris Agreement Specific exceptions are made for companies involved in contentious controversies over arms, environmental, social and governance, tobacco, environmental harm, thermal coal mining, and activities related to oil, gas and power generation. “”

The Fund is subject to the risk that a climate-focused investment strategy may select or exclude securities from certain issuers for reasons other than investment performance.

The fund pursues the objective by following the index, taking into account climate standards, providing exposure to global companies that meet or are working towards climate targets and minimum standards set forth in the EU climate regulations and follow the TCFD recommendations on carbon, carbon dioxide reduction targets and a transition towards a more economical Sustainable and lower carbon while adapting to the requirements of the Paris Agreement.

It does so by following the MSCI World Climate Paris Aligned Index. The Index is designed to support investors who are trying to reduce their exposure to transition risks and the physical climate and who wish to pursue opportunities that arise through the transition to a lower carbon economy while adapting to the requirements of the Paris Agreement. The index seeks to achieve this by increasing the weight of companies on a credible path to carbon dioxide emissions or offering environmentally friendly solutions, while downplaying the importance of companies that are in a vulnerable position to transition to a low-carbon economy and reducing exposure to increased physical risk.

Description of UBS ETF (IE) MSCI Japan Climate Paris Aligned UCITS ETF (JPY) A-acc

UBS ETF (IE) MSCI Japan Climate Paris Aligned UCITS ETF (JPY) A-acc Invest in stocks with focus Social/EnvironmentalAnd Japan. Dividends are reinvested in the fund (accumulated). MSCI Japan Climate Paris Aligned allows broad investment at low fees of approx. 190 posts.

The total cost ratio is 0.16% per annum. The fund replicates the results of the underlying index by purchasing all components of the index (full redundancy). UBS ETF (IE) MSCI Japan Climate Paris Aligned UCITS ETF (JPY) A-acc It is a very small ETF with assets of £0 million under its management. The AW15 ETF is smaller than 1 year old and is based in Ireland.

investment strategy

The MSCI Japan Climate Paris Aligned Index tracks stocks from Japan. The index aims to give more weight to companies that benefit from the transition to a low-CO2 economy. In addition, the European Union directives on climate protection are taken into account. The main indicator is MSCI Japan.

Handla AW15 ETF

UBS ETF (IE) MSCI Japan Climate Paris Aligned UCITS ETF (JPY) A-acc (AW15 ETF)It is a European exchange-traded fund. This fund is traded on many different exchanges, such as Borsa Italiana and Deutsche Boerse Xetra. For this reason, different acronyms appear on the same ETF.

This means that it is possible to trade units in this ETF through most Swedish banks and online brokers, for example DejeroAnd nordnet And keep it up.


exchange Currency short name
Italian Stock Exchange euro JPA
SIX Swiss Exchange JPY japa
XETRA euro AW15

biggest possession

Guarantees Weight%
System key 4.39%
Sony ord 4.32%
Tokyo Electron Order 2.46%
Yaskawa Electric 2.42%
HLDGS CO . Recruitment Limited 2.35%
hamatsu photo system 2.31%
East Japan Ray System 2.22%

Collectibles may change

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