Busy in Schiphol arrival halls, but ‘everything is going well’

The airport previously announced that it would deploy extra office staff because of the crowds. That was also the case last weekend. “We are doing our best to keep the waiting time as limited as possible,” said the spokeswoman. Problems are expected for Sunday due to crowds, but “we’ll see how that will turn out,” says an employee who shows travelers the way. Schiphol has also erected an extra roof outside Departures 1 and 1A to create more waiting space.

Airline KLM says that no extra flights have been canceled on Saturday due to the crowds. On Friday, the airport announced that it would cancel a number of flights for Sunday. KLM once again calls on travelers to arrive on time.

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee has announced through a spokesperson that it has sufficient staff at the airport. “We have made sure that all our posts are well filled. People may have to wait a while at their passport control, we do not compromise on security.” The spokesperson is not yet able to say how long the waiting time may increase. A Schiphol employee in the hall sees that the waiting time for passport control is of the usual length on Saturday morning. “Last week there was a whole line in the hall, now it’s like always.”

There have been major problems at Schiphol over the past two weekends. This was due to a strike by KLM baggage handlers and staff shortages, which led to large crowds and delays, causing long waiting times for passengers. Schiphol also asked airlines to cancel flights. Some flights depart to other airports such as Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

Tour operator Corendon will divert three departing flights to Rotterdam The Hague Airport this weekend. TUI is moving two flights to Rotterdam airport and Transavia one. It is expected that 57,000 travelers will board the plane at Schiphol on Saturday. On Sunday, 63,000 passengers will depart from the airport.

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