How to trade heating oil

Trade Fuel Oil CFDs. Contracts for Difference (CFDs) give you exposure to fuel oil price movements without the need for physical ownership and hedging fuel oil. When you buy fuel oil CFDs, you don’t actually own the fuel oil, but you can still make a profit if heating oil price and increases and losses when the heating oil price falls.

CFDs are regulated in many countries, so traders can be confident in the safety of their money.

Advantages of trading fuel oil with CFDs Disadvantages of trading fuel oil CFDs
No physical fuel oil Get exposure to the price of fuel oil and multiple assets without the costs and risks of owning a physical asset

A chance to be able to sparkle the fuel oil. Advantage when heating oil price goes down

Regulated CFDs face strict rules in many countries, increasing the confidence of traders that their money is in safe hands

Leverage increases risk. CFDs are usually mortgaged (traders invest only a fraction of the total amount traded – the rest is borrowed). This enhances both gains and losses.

Less control over an asset because you don’t actually own the asset. For example, you will not be able to transfer a Bitcoin CFD in the same way that you can transfer actual Bitcoin.

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