Kansas lawmakers vote to legalize sports betting

Want to bet on sports in Kansas? Well, for the first time, you can bet that the bill codifying it will become law. After years of deadlock, Kansas lawmakers Thursday sent a proposal to Governor Laura Kelly that would allow state residents to bet on Kansas City chiefs or the University of Kansas Jayhawk.

Kelly is expected to sign the measure, making Kansas the 34th state with legitimate sports betting.

According to the bill, casinos can partner with online gaming platforms, as well as up to 50 retailers, such as a restaurant or gas station, to offer personalized betting, with a certain number of mandates that must be non-profit organizations.

The state will take 10 percent of all efforts, whether placed online or in person. Kansas is unlikely to get rich by legalizing it Sports betting. According to an earlier, more expansive version of the bill, revenue from the Kansas Lottery would be as much as $10 million before fiscal year 2025. That means the state should expect to collect only a few million dollars a year.

It is unlikely that Missouri will legalize sports betting

In an unexpected upheaval in Kansas, it seems unlikely that Missouri lawmakers will legalize the practice after they first appeared as close to a deal on their own framework for sports betting.

However, many Kansas lawmakers maintained their opposition to any expansion of gambling, arguing that it was a bad deal for the state or that it would lead to a corresponding increase in dependency. The National Council on Problem Gambling estimates that 62,800 Kansas residents, or 2.8 percent of the adult population, have problem gambling.

Other states have seen an increase in adoption following the legalization of sports betting, especially among younger players. According to the bill, 2 percent of all proceeds will go to the Problem Gambling Trust and the language will better ensure that this money goes to specifically address gambling addiction.

Most of the sports betting proceeds will be used to lure presidents and royals to Kansas

The majority of the revenue will go to “Attracting Professional Sports to the Kansas Fund”, a blatant attempt to cash in on recent rumors that the Kansas City Chiefs will have fun as they move their stadium across the border from Missouri. Kansas City, despite its name, is located in Missouri and not in Kansas.

The law was amended at the last minute to put the fund under the Commerce Department, although lawmakers can choose to spend the money elsewhere if they wish.

Members were excited about the possibility of pulling the team across borders. Olson admitted that the fund alone wouldn’t be enough to make a team. But he added that the move could be a huge boost to the state’s economy, noting that the stadium is likely to be erected at the Legends complex in western Kansas City, Kansas, and could spur further development in the area.

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