The GRNR ETF invests in green buildings

Global X Green Building ETF (GRNR ETF) It tracks a market value-weighted index of global companies involved in green building development, management and technology. The holdings are checked for many ESG gauges. Global X Green Building ETF (GRNR)The ones traded on the NASDAQ are a dividend ETF.

GRNR Factset Analytics Insight

GRNR focuses its exposure on a global level “Green Building Companies”, Which are defined by the fund manager as companies that are poised to benefit from the increased demand for buildings that reduce or eliminate negative impacts and/or create positive impacts on the natural environment.

To be eligible for listing, companies must meet certain minimum market value and liquidity criteria, and receive at least 50% of their revenue from: green building development and management and/or technologies and materials. In addition, ESG screens are applied to remove companies that are believed to be not complying with the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, as well as companies involved in controversial activities, including weapons, thermal coal, oil and gas, prisons, adult entertainment, alcohol and gambling. The holdings are weighted by market value, with the weights of the individual securities given at 4%. The indicator reconfigures and rebalances every six months.

Reasons to consider GRNR

High growth potential. Projections indicate that the global green building materials market could double between 2020 and 2028 (from $256 billion to $653 billion), highlighting one of the many growth opportunities among the categories in which GRNR invests.

sustainable theme. Green buildings usually have smaller carbon footprints, with less water and energy waste. These properties can be attractive because the durability is more comprehensive.

Conscious approach. GRNR integrates Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) screens and follows ESG’s guidelines for proxy voting to influence positive change as well as financial returns.

ETF Summary

Global X Green Building ETF (GRNR) Invests in companies that are qualified to take advantage of the increasing demand for buildings that positively impact the natural environment or reduce/eliminate negative impacts. This includes companies involved in developing and managing green buildings, as well as technology used to increase energy efficiency in residential, commercial and public buildings.

ETF Objectives

Global X Green Building ETF (GRNR) It strives to provide investment results that are generally consistent with the price and return development, before fees and costs, of the Solactive Green Building Index.

Trade the GRNR ETF

Global X Green Building ETF (GRNR ETF) Only available for purchase in the United States. For this reason, Swedish online brokers are not available. CMC . Markets However, trade progress in GRNR ETF.

also AvaTrade Trade offers with Global X Green Building ETF (GRNR ETF) In the form of contracts for difference. to AvaTrade.

also IG Trade offers in Global X Green Building ETF (GRNR ETF). Until IGs ETF Checker.

biggest possession

Weight (%) short name Noun Sidol
4.33 688 Hong Kong China abroad 6192150
3.99 BXP Boston Real Estate Company 2019479
3.85 LR F Legrand S B11ZRK9
3.68 CICT SP Capitaland Integrity 6420129
3.55 Kar Carrier International Co. BK4N0D7
3.48 GFC F GECINA SA 7742468
2.73 KRC Kilroy Real Estate Company 2495529

Collectibles may change

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