BOLD ETP provides exposure to both gold and Bitcoin at the same time

21Shares Bytetree BOLD ETP (BOLD) It strives to act as a hedge against inflation by tracking an index consisting of bitcoin and gold, rebalancing monthly according to the inverse (360-day) historical volatility of each asset. 21 share bytes (BOLD ETP) mixes He went And Bitcoin Inflation protection strategy.


21Shares Bytetree BOLD ETP (BOLD) It aims to provide inflation protection by tracking an index that provides optimal risk-adjusted exposure to bitcoin and gold.

inflation protection

Gold has proven to be a preserver of value for thousands of years and Bitcoin is its digital equivalent. Both are solid assets considered to protect investors from inflation. Gold tends to lead when the economy is contracting, unlike Bitcoin, which has done better when the economy is expanding.

Risk Management

The strategy adjusts the weighting monthly according to historical volatility. The less volatile asset will be given more weight. By automatically adjusting the weights, rebalancing aims to balance and improve the combined yield over time. This is because the strategy consistently favors less risky assets, which are measured in historical volatility.

portfolio diversification

Gold and Bitcoin provide diversification in a balanced portfolio. BOLD offers investors a convenient way to invest in gold and bitcoin, in a structure that carefully manages risk. Rebalancing takes place within an efficient tax structure.


21Shares Bytetree BOLD ETP (BOLD ETP) It is a cryptocurrency traded on an exchange, among other places, the SIX Swiss Exchange.

SIX Swiss Exchange is a marketplace that provides access to a few Swedish banks and online brokers Dejero Do it.


biggest possession

being able to Weight%
He went 82.81%
Bitcoin 17.19%

Collectibles may change

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