European Union scraps advice for compulsory masks on aircraft

As far as EASA is concerned, masks no longer have to be worn from 16 May in intra-European air transport. The removal of the recommendation is in line with the evolving requirements of national authorities regarding public transport in Europe, according to EASA.

“It is a relief to everyone that we have finally reached a point in the pandemic where we can relax health measures,” said EASA CEO Patrick Ky. “For many travelers and aircrew there is a strong desire to abolish the masking requirement on board aircraft. We are now at the beginning of that process.”

Mouth caps will not disappear completely. EASA asks passengers who cough or sneeze to consider wearing a mask as a precaution. Wearing a face mask is also recommended on flights to destinations where they are still required to use public transport. Vulnerable passengers are also advised to continue to use mouth masks.

Wearing a face mask has been mandatory on airplanes and at airports almost from the start of the corona pandemic. In recent months, various countries have already relaxed the rules regarding air traffic, but in various EU Member States (including the Netherlands) the mask obligation still officially applies.

At the Dutch airlines KLM, Transavia and Corendon, the wearing of mouth masks has not been enforced on most flights for some time.

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