IATA pleased about abolishing mouth masks on flights in Europe

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) made the decision yesterday, which is taken on behalf of the European Union. “This major shift reflects high vaccination coverage and high natural immunity,” says IATA.

Many European countries, including the Netherlands, had previously lifted almost all restrictions resulting from corona. Passengers are free to wear a face mask for reasons of their own accord. IATA asks all passengers to “respect” the decision of others.

Rest assured
“The European decision is an important step on the road back to normalcy for air passengers. Travelers can now choose whether or not to wear a mask,” said Willie Walsh, the director. knowing that thanks to many features, such as high-frequency air exchange and high-efficiency filters, the aircraft cabin is one of the safest indoor environments.”

Also in the United States, wearing face masks in aviation is no longer required. Elsewhere in the world, however, the regulations are still strict. Walsh laments the lack of a “consistent approach” globally and calls for further easing.

“We believe that restrictions on aircraft should end when face masks are no longer mandatory in other areas of everyday life, such as theaters, offices or versus the food opener,” IATA

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