Cabinet confirms: face masks obligation on planes and at airport will disappear

Due to the decision, there will no longer be a government requirement to wear a face mask in the Netherlands from 21 May. This measure has already expired in public transport, among other things. For example, healthcare institutions can still choose to make mouth caps mandatory.

Dutch airlines have long believed that wearing such a cap should be a voluntary choice. KLM, Transavia and Corendon have no longer enforced the obligation for two months, except on flights to countries that explicitly require this on pain of fines.

Earlier this week, the European aviation authority EASA and health agency ECDC indicated that the mask obligation in the aircraft can be responsibly lifted. The Dutch RIVM also gave the green light for this. The Dutch cabinet is now adopting that advice.

France has also decided this week to abolish the mask obligation on the plane. This had been the case in Belgium for some time, although Brussels Airlines still voluntarily stuck to it for a while.

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