ACNL slot coordinator is already preparing for fewer flights for Schiphol

ACNL, also known as pars-pro-toto ‘slot coordinator’, distributes the slots (take-off and landing rights) at three Dutch airports: Schiphol, Rotterdam The Hague and Eindhoven, in accordance with European regulations.

The organization has no influence on the number of slots. Thomassen: “That’s what politics is about. So if the maximum allowed number of flight movements at Schiphol were to be less than the current 500,000, that is the starting point for ACNL. We are already preparing for shrinkage, if that is imposed, by see which rules apply. I don’t know how big the reduction will be. There are many numbers going around.”

Although many aviation matters are organized in a European context, the director of ACNL believes that the Netherlands does not have to wait for ‘Brussels’: “The regulations of the European Union were always geared to nie groopei and kemp. It would be good if the EU adjust this. If that does not happen, ACNL will have to give substance to it for the Netherlands itself.”

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