ETF FUEVFVND for Vietnamese stock market

VFMVN Diamond ETF (FUEVFVND ETF) It is an open-ended public fund consisting of a receiving and creating unit creation and is listed and traded on the HCMC Stock Exchange. The fund is authorized by the SSC to issue IPO bonds under license number 38 / GCN-UBCK dated 27/2/2020.

investment strategy

measured by VFMVN DIAMOND ETF It is to repeat the result of the VN DIAMOND indicator as closely as possible.

VFMVN DIAMOND ETF It implements a passive investment strategy to achieve its pre-determined investment objectives. When the stock basket of the VN DIAMOND index changes, VFMVN DIAMOND ETF Adjusting the fund’s portfolio to match the VN DIAMOND index basket in terms of asset structure and weight.

The fund seeks a result similar to the index and does not implement a defense strategy when the market is down and will not make profits when market prices are too high. Passive investing aims to reduce costs and bring about a closer repetition of the index by maintaining a share of the turnover of investment capital lower than the share used by funds that implement an active investment strategy.

VFMVN Diamond ETFLtd., which is traded on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange in Vietnam, is a cumulative ETF. This exchange-traded fund comes with an annual management cost of one percent. The fund is traded in the Vietnamese dong currency.

Trading the FUEVFVND ETF

VFMVN Diamond ETF (FUEVFVND ETF) It is an exchange-traded fund that is traded on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange in Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange is a market where we did not find any brokers offering trading.

biggest possession

Guarantees % dismantled Ownership share of foreign investors
MWG 16.0 100.0
FPT 14.4 100.0
PNJ 11.1 96.3
VPP 8.2 100.0
TCB 8.2 100.0
ACB 7.8 100.0
REE 6.1 100.0
MBB 6.0 100.0
TPB 3.8 97.7
NLG 3.6 64.3

Collectibles may change

Aggregation of Vietnamese ETFs

Exchange Traded Funds starting date Vietnam / foreign Assets under management
FTSE Vietnam ETF 2008 Foreigner 394
VanEck Vectors Vietnam VNM ETF 2009 Foreigner 554
iShares MSCI Frontier and select EM ETF 2012 Foreigner 467
Dragon Capital E1VFVN30 ETF 2014 Vietnam 451
SSIAM VNX50 ETF 2017 Vietnam 12
Awards MSCI Vietnam ETF 2019 Foreigner 29
Dragon Capital VFMVN Diamond ETF 2020 Vietnam 542
SSIAM VNFIN Lead ETF 2020 Vietnam 117
Mirae Asset VN30 ETF 2020 Vietnam 17
Vina Capital VN100 ETF 2020 Vietnam 5
SSIAM VN30 ETF 2020 Vietnam 4
Fubon FTSE Vietnam ETF 2021 Foreigner 355

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