Schiphol must repair reputational damage, but how?

Staff shortage? Could be, but as an airport you have to be able to anticipate that. It was already clear at the beginning of March that bookings were picking up considerably. Post-corona forecasts for 2022 are all optimistic. So how is it possible that Schiphol drops so many stitches?

“Outrageous and unacceptable”. We are demanding substantial compensation,” said industry organizations BARIN and ANVR and their shocked supporters in unison. There is a lot of anger, incomprehension and disapproval.

To sprinkle salt in the wounds, Schiphol boss Dick Benschop reported that flights will probably also have to be canceled in the summer high season, depending on the available labor supply. That message is not something to cheer about. Then no plane trip in July and August from Schiphol, you hear tourists think.

For the travel industry and aviation, including KLM, flight cancellation as a precaution is now out of the question. “Difficult to implement for booked passengers”. A bitter pill for travelers, that is only possible in exceptional cases. Schiphol, which is raising airport charges by 37 percent, must adequately arrange occupancy,” said KLM.

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