Several hundred people at the protest at Schiphol

A stage has been set up outside at Schiphol Plaza. There are banners and people are walking with protest signs with texts such as ‘Schiphol where is your climate plan?’, ‘Schiphol is a major polluter’, ‘Koninklijke Luchtvervilings Maatschappij’ and ‘No flights’.

A group of several dozen cyclists – who left early Saturday morning from Rotterdam and Lelystad – were welcomed with loud applause. The Marechaussee present keeps an eye on the demonstration from a distance.

The demonstrators, including local residents and supporters of organizations such as Greenpeace, Milieudefensie, Urgenda and Extinction Rebellion, believe that the aviation sector should shrink significantly. Much less was flown during the corona pandemic, but now that air traffic is picking up again, they say the time has come to intervene.

Among other things, they want Schiphol to shrink and to close the smaller airports in Rotterdam and Maastricht. A decision on the future of Maastricht Aachen Airport will be made next month in the Provincial Council of Limburg. Closure is one of the possible scenarios.

During the manifestations, in addition to Schiphol also at the airports of Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Lelystad, Eelde and Maastricht, there will be speeches and music performances. A ‘moment of silence’ is planned at 12.05 pm.

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