MANA ETP is an easy way to invest in Decentraland

21Shares Decentraland ETP (Trading Code: MANA ETP) It tries to track the results of investing in Decentraland.


MANA is designed to provide investors with the easiest and safest way to invest in MANA, where users can buy and sell real estate, as well as explore, interact with and play games in a shared virtual world.


21Shares ETP is available as shares on the main exchange without the need for any special setup.


Vanilla structure with performance directly linked decentralization without influence.


21Shares holds the underlying crypto assets in cold storage equivalent to 100% of the certificates value at all times.


Enterprise security and storage solution with a variety of security measures including cold storage, multiple private keys, whitelisting and audit trails.

Trading the MANA ETP

21Shares Decentraland ETP (MANA ETP) It is an exchange-traded cryptocurrency that is traded, among other places, on Euronext Amsterdam.

Euronext Amsterdam is a marketplace that few Swedish banks and online brokers provide access to Dejero Do it.


exchange short name Currency
Swiss BX Where is BW American dollar
Euronext Amsterdam mana not available American dollar
Euronext Paris Mana FB euro

basic assets

Cryptocurrency Weight%
decentralization 100.00%

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