The online iGaming market is expected to reach over $127 billion by 2027

Although the online gaming industry, the online iGaming marketplace, has not been as popular as the land-based alternative it is based on, things are slowly starting to change.

There were not many betting operators to choose from, but today some people can take advantage of hundreds of gaming sites. In fact, Betenemy states that the casino industry is growing every day due to being new iGamingCompanies are opening their doors to clients all over the world.

Although online gaming platforms are getting more and more popular every year, things like the global pandemic of 2020 have definitely had an impact on the industry. People expected iGaming to slow down, but it actually became more popular because players had no other way to play casino games or bet on sports. Therefore, many experts believe that the online gaming market could be worth more than $127 billion by 2027.

With that, let’s learn more about why iGaming is growing so fast and why it will likely become more popular.

Legislative changes

Everyone knows that gambling is one of the most sensitive topics when it comes to legislation. Some countries have long gaming traditions, which is why they allow different types of betting, including online casinos, bookmakers, lotto and more. In most cases, these countries have an independent regulatory authority (usually a gaming commission), the task of which is to monitor all gaming companies and grant / revoke their licenses.

In addition to countries where gambling has always been legal, many other places have decided that “Update” Their current gaming laws. As a result, online casinos and sports betting sites have gained more users.

The increasing adoption of smartphones will also play a major role in the industry.

People who want to bet online must have access to a device that allows them to use the Internet. It should come as no surprise that most players use computers to access the site they like as this allows them to have a complete betting experience. However, players from some parts of the world do not have access to computers.

Since not everyone can use a computer or laptop to access an online casino, reviews from Betenemy show that many of the top-rated casinos have invested in mobile apps and websites. This may come as a surprise to some flip-flops, but smartphones and tablets have become more accessible in recent years. Thus, more and more people are using mobile devices to bet on the internet, which means that they can access a specific casino / bookmaker on the go.

Thanks to things like mobile apps and mobile websites, the online gaming industry is likely to get a lot of new customers who haven’t been able to access its services.

If covid-19 problem persists, iGaming will become more famous

One of the reasons experts believe that the gaming industry is likely to reach more than $127 billion by 2027 is COVID-19. This virus has had a huge impact on almost everything in our daily lives, including our hobbies. Some of the most prominent land-based casinos in Las Vegas have closed due to the pandemic, which means that the only way for people to play gambling and different types of casino games is to use the iGaming player.

Nobody knows if COVID-19 will continue to be a problem in the future. Despite vaccinations and other measures, the epidemic is far from over, so it will likely still be around. While this is bad news for almost any type of business, it is definitely a plus for online gaming companies. Therefore, they will keep getting new users.

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