EWG2 ETC allows German investors to trade gold tax-free

Boerse Stuttgart Securities GmbH issues an exchange-traded commodity (ETC) under the name EUWAX Gold II (WKN: EWG2L). You can trade the EWG2 ETC flexibly and easily on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange every trading day between 08.00 and 22.00. If you sell EUWAX Gold II, your bank will not normally deduct taxes.

gram flour

EUWAX Gold II One gram of gold secures a 100 gram gold bar. You can not only buy any denomination but also have the actual gold delivered to you in the specified gram.


buy and sell EUWAX Gold II Only the usual exchange transaction costs arise, which are calculated by the respective custodian bank. There are no annual fees for storing and insuring deposited gold.

high commercial quality

As a source of liquidity, EUWAX AG guarantees strict buying and selling rates and fast order execution.

100% gold

EUWAX Gold II is 100% backed by physical precious metals. Stocks of precious metals are stored in Germany in the vault of the depository company of Boerse Stuttgart Securities GmbH

No tax deductions

Because of the product structure EUWAX Gold II Banks and online brokers generally do not deduct sales taxes. This means that purchases, refunds or sales of EUWAX Gold II are treated in the same way as physical products He went. Here, capital gains are tax deductible after the one-year holding period.


Physical delivery in the form of small bars is free of charge for 100 grams of gold or several of them in Germany. In case of deviation of denominations and shape, and where applicable, delivery costs arise. An exercise, i.e. a physical delivery order in the form of gold bars, can be done on any trading day. The delivery, which is free, takes the form of the base value of a 100g stack.

investment strategy

Spot gold price is priced in gold In US dollars.

Trading EWG2 ETC

EUWAX Gold II (EWG2 ETC) It is a fully secured exchange-traded commodity (ETC) that is traded on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange.

The Stuttgart Stock Exchange is a market that provides access to a few Swedish banks and online brokers Dejero Do it.


exchange Currency short name
Stuttgart Stock Exchange euro EWG2
gettex euro EWG2

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