Information about Valor Terra (LUNA) SEK

Courage is the source of stock Valor Terra (LUNA) SEK (ISIN: CH1114178804) who have been accepted into trading on NGM. NGM has imposed a moratorium on trading these securities because, to the knowledge of Valor, the exchange has made an assessment that there is no longer any reason to assume that a regulated function of the market for securities can be expected in light of developments in the underlying securities and assets.

One of the reasons for the decision to suspend trading may be, for example, preventing additional investors from taking positions in the prevailing conditions. Unfortunately, choppy trading also has consequences for investors who have already taken positions. The suspension of trading means that the market maker Mangold Fondkommission and other market participants lack the ability to trade the securities in question.

Valor has ongoing contacts with the exchange as well as the market maker in order to bring about a positive change in the current situation. However, this may require an assessment of the possibility to anticipate a well-regulated function of the market for these securities. Valor is currently unable to provide any information on how long the trading ban will last and/or whether it will be followed by a resumption of trading or a decision to delist the securities.

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