Nordic ETF Market, April 2022

During the month of April, ETF trading in the Nordic ETF market in April 2022 amounted to approximately SEK 9.4 billion (15.6 billion SEK in March), approximately SEK 9 billion traded in the Swedish market. Of the total turnover of Nordic ETFs, XACT’s market share was around 97%. Of the total trading volume on the Swedish Stock Exchange in April, ETF trading accounted for about 2%.

As usual, XACT took over the Nordic ETF market in February 2022. The same ETFs as usual were in charge of trading. XACT OMXS30 ESG (UCITS ETF) It was the most traded ETF.

Then we see the leverage Xact Bull x 2 And Xact Bear x 2. These ETFs are traded frequently, and in the short term, they are usually found in day trading, for example.

Xact Norden High Profits In fifth place is the ETF that is typically purchased by many dividend investors because of the dividends that come in every quarter.

Among the most traded ETFs on the Nordic ETF market in March 2022, XACT released eight out of the ten ETFs.

Statistics for the Scandinavian ETF market for the period

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