KLM still cancels flights due to crowds at Schiphol

Eight flights have been canceled for Friday. The spokeswoman was not yet able to indicate how many flights should be canceled this weekend. KLM did not rule out the possibility that daily flights will have to be canceled more often due to the current staff shortage.

The airline could not indicate the destinations of the canceled flights. Which flights will be canceled is a “complicated puzzle”, according to the spokeswoman. In order to minimize the inconvenience to passengers, KLM selects flights with the fewest passengers. The company also looks at which destinations passengers are easy to book for.

Not so long ago, KLM had to cancel dozens of flights on some days. The airline has been struggling with major staff shortages in baggage handling for some time. Schiphol itself lacks sufficient security guards to check passengers. This combination, plus an unplanned strike by baggage staff, caused great chaos at the airport, especially during the May holidays. Then dozens of flights were canceled and baggage had to be sent back. The rest of the May holiday was also difficult due to the chaos that had arisen earlier.

Airline Transavia expects to occasionally have to cancel flights in the near future due to the “erratic” labor market and higher than normal absenteeism, but fewer flights are involved.

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