From now on, no more mouth caps in the plane and at the airport

Until yesterday, passengers at airports, such as Schiphol, had to wear a mask from security. In practice, fewer and fewer passengers adhered to this.

Face masks were also worn less and less often on airplanes. For example, KLM, Transavia and Corendon had already largely stopped enforcement on board, out of dissatisfaction with the continued obligation to face masks and also to protect the safety of cabin crew.

However, a mouth cap will still have to be worn on some flights departing from the Netherlands. Not because the Netherlands wants it, but because some destination countries explicitly require it, such as Canada.

In Europe, in addition to the Netherlands, Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, the Scandinavian countries and almost all of Eastern Europe have now abolished the obligation to use face masks in the plane. Germany, Austria and most southern European countries, among others, still stick to it.

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