Schiphol: no problems due to crowds

According to Schiphol’s pressure meter, the departure hall is busy with queues at the check-in desks, security and passport control. It is quieter in the arrivals hall. Schiphol had previously said that it would become busier from the May holiday towards the summer, especially at weekends. This can lead to long queues at peak times.

During the May holidays, a shortage of staff in support services such as security caused problems at Schiphol. The flight schedule was also thrown into disarray by a wildcat strike among cargo and baggage handlers.

Several airlines such as KLM have had to cancel flights due to staff shortages. At KLM, 22 return flights have been canceled on Saturday, all within Europe, according to a spokeswoman. At the moment, 21 return flights for Sunday are canceled at KLM. Staff shortages also cause problems at easyJet and Transavia.

Despite the positive news from the airport, research by this medium shows that there are the necessary flight delays. There are also reports of delayed flights due to the lack of ‘push-back’ capacity. This means that flights are ready for departure, but cannot be pushed away from the gate.

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