The IGDA ETF provides exposure to legitimate investments in developed countries

Invesco Dow Jones Islamic Global Developed Markets UCITS ETF Acc (IGDA ETF) It is intended to provide a total net return for the Dow Jones Islamic Markets Index (the “Reference Index”), less than the impact of fees.

The benchmark index is designed to reflect the performance of stocks traded in developed market countries that run rule-based screens to follow Shariah Investment Guide. It is created by excluding the relevant securities (as defined by the criteria set by the Shariah Supervisory Board) in any of the following business activities: alcohol, tobacco, pork related products, non-Islamic financial services, weapons, defense and entertainment.

The remaining securities are then valued according to several key ratio filters and the securities are disqualified if they have unacceptable levels of debt or unclean interest income. The benchmark index is created by applying a free-floating adjusted market value weighting system to the remaining eligible securities. Rebalances on a quarterly basis.

Portfolio managers seek to achieve fund objectives by using portfolio modeling tools and techniques to purchase and hold a portion of the securities that are characteristics of the entire benchmark index. The purpose of this sampling method is to replicate the performance of the scale as closely as possible while minimizing the costs that would normally be incurred with full redundancy. The investments made by the fund will follow the Shariah guidelines stipulated by the index provider. The Shariah committee appointed by the Investment Manager will be responsible for determining whether the investments of the Fund are Shariah compliant.

This ETF is passively managed.

Description of Invesco Dow Jones Islamic Global Developed Markets UCITS ETF Acc

Invesco Dow Jones Islamic Global Developed Markets UCITS ETF Acc Invests in stocks with a focus on global Islamic investments. Dividends are reinvested in the fund (accumulated).

The total cost ratio is 0.40% per annum. The fund replicates the result of the underlying index by buying all the components of the index (full iteration). IGDA ETF is less than 1 year old and based in Ireland.

Trade the IGDA ETF

Invesco Dow Jones Islamic Global Developed Markets UCITS ETF Acc (IGDA ETF)It is a European exchange-traded fund that is traded on the London Stock Exchange.

The London Stock Exchange is a market that a few Swedish banks and online brokers provide access to Dejero Do it.


exchange Currency short name
London Stock Exchange American dollar IGDA
SIX Swiss Exchange American dollar IGDA

biggest possession

Noun inside Weight%
APPLE INC USD0.00001.00 US0378331005 7.13%
Microsoft Corp USD0.00000625.00000625 US5949181045 6.03%
AMAZON.COM INC0.01.00 US Dollar US0231351067 3.69%
ALPHABET INC-CL A USD 0.001 US02079K3059 2.22%
ALPHABET INC-CL C USD0.001.001 US02079K1079 2.06%
Tesla INC USD0.001.00 US88160R1014 1.96%
NVIDIA CORP USD 0.001 US67066G1040 1.71%
ID PADS INC USD0.000006.00 US30303M1027 1.43%
Johnson & Johnson D US4781601046 1.18%
PROCTER & GAMBLE CO / THE NPV US7427181091 1.01%

Collectibles may change

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