In China, there are funds that track the development of the country’s pork sector

China’s first ETF appeared on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2020, the first of three funds linked to the country’s booming pork sector (pork sector) being rebuilt after African swine fever wiped out herds Chinese pigs in China. 2018.

Penghua Fund Management Co: s CSI Livestock Breeding ETF (159867), in addition to similar funds to be listed by Guotai Fund Management Co., Ltd. and Ping An Fund Management Co. , is the first Chinese funds to track the CSI Livestock Index, which consists of listed pig breeders, pig feed suppliers and vaccine manufacturers.

Chinese pig producers made huge profits in 2019 after African swine fever caused a collapse in pork supplies and soared pig prices. In keeping with the cash, producers are now investing in new industrial breeding facilities to rebuild the herds and replace traditional small farms. Stock prices for pig and commodity producers rose.

easy to shop

ETFs, low-cost investment funds that typically track an index and trade like stocks on stock exchanges, have gained popularity in China among private investors who want to deal with specific industries.

China launched one Live pigs futures At the beginning of 2021, but with 16 tons per contract, it’s too much for most private investors to trade in.

By comparison, ETFs focused on pig farming, are more accessible to private investors in China.

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