Savelend for those who are saddened by the shaky stock market

This year, when the stock market has been shaky to say the least, many are looking at pure, peer-to-peer (P2P) lending. In Sweden there are many different companies that have a business idea, SavelendAnd a barrierAnd Ticino And Lendify are just some of the sim options available.

Historically, it has Savelend It is the preferred peer-to-peer investment in Sweden, which can be explained by the fact that this platform gave its members the highest average return. However, this can change quickly.

For those who choose to invest in P2P loans, there are actually two important factors that influence, both the return and the risk. Booking times and other things are also very important. Savelend was good at highlighting the comeback. You can read it on their website

We offer investments in consumer loans, corporate loans, invoice purchases and debt collection portfolios with an expected return of 7-9%…

Actually Savelend However, it has averaged a return of just over 9 percent since the start. Maturities are around six months, so holding is not that long. The combination of high interest rates and short commitment periods is simply something that suits most people.

Average Return on Portfolio 7-9%
medium maturity 6 months
mobile alternative. fixed interest rate fixed interest rate
secondary market yes
loans to individuals yes
corporate loans yes

as loans on Savelend Relatively short, higher interest rates wouldn’t be too much of a problem. However, the fact that the company has a secondary market for its loan does not make it worse.

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