Daily chaos at Schiphol continues to amaze travelers: ‘Thought it was solved’

The line for check-in now starts as usual far outside the departure hall of Schiphol. The airport has installed a covered route that should lead travelers to the terminal while zigzagging. Waiting an hour and a half until the check-in desk is no exception and then you still have to join the queue for the security check. In Departures 2 and 3, there may also be waiting times for passport control.

Schiphol is unable to recruit enough staff to check in passengers, check or load and unload their luggage. According to Schiphol, it will be similarly busy until the summer as during the May holiday, which started on April 23. To make matters worse for the passengers, KLM’s baggage staff stopped working for hours as a protest against the poor working conditions.

Apologies and sponsorship
Despite the apologies and the promised recovery from Schiphol director Dick Benschop, there are still long queues, delays, cancellations and travelers who miss their flight due to the airport.

Truus van den Berg from Hoorn caught her flight to Gerona yesterday in the nick of time, she tells media partner NH Nieuws. She and her seven relatives were lucky that their Transavia flight was delayed by an hour and a half. They stood in line for more than two hours.

According to a spokesperson for Schiphol, it is especially busy on weekends. At the moment, the airport does not expect even more chaos in the upcoming Ascension weekend, which starts on Thursday.

no mismanagement
Next Wednesday, the House of Representatives will debate with Minister Harbers of Infrastructure and Water Management about chaos at Schiphol, among other things. Harbers has already reprimanded the airport and wants Schiphol to come up with a plan of action to prevent similar crowds in the summer. According to the minister, there is no question of ‘mismanagement’, he wrote in a letter to the House on 13 May.

This article comes from medipartner NH Nieuws.

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